About Robert Cepale

Award Winning Americana artist and local legend has been painting many artworks  that express his deep feeling that takes the viewer for a wonderful journey back in time.  His central theme consists of a portrayal of the spirit and determination that helped shape our nation.  Robert Cepale's images pay tribute to those cherished golden moments of America's past.
The Native Americans say a picture or story stalks an artist and if it finds an artist worthy it comes to live in his heart.  Robert Cepale does not put his brush to canvas unless he feels it is worthy enough to create a composition with an inspirational voice and draw the viewer into his canvas to escape to a more precious enjoyable moment of our past.
Robert Cepale attended Pratt Institute, Huntington Art League and the Rockville Centre Art Club.  He exhibited 48 paintings solo for four months at the Eisenhower Theater, West Point where he was presented with the COMMANDANT OF CADETS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE by Colonel Johnson and Lt. Colonel Flowers.  Robert's Civil War painting titled "Coming Home" is on permanent display at West Point.  The Eisenhower Theater has featured in the past: Pavorotti, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Bob Hope, Jerry Seinfeld and many other famous celebrities.
This poem by Robert Cepale expresses his deep feeling about the nature of his work.

Oh, those days gone by, when
people worked hard and long.
They lived their lives
more right than wrong.
Towns and villages
had identity and soul
Before strip malls and
superhighways took their toll.
As an artist, I wish to pay tribute
to those times back then.
Because we will never see
anything like it, ever again.


America's history is the inspiration to continue his artistic journey.
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